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  • Property Type : Sale
  • Number of rooms : 4
  • m² (Gross) : 180
Muğla Fethiye / Fethiye

House Petek | Fethiye Sea View House For Sale


A building that breaks the prejudice in ordinary and boring apartments. With its large and spacious design, it appears as a structure that will change your perspective on apartments. It offers a wonderful living space for you and your loved ones thanks to its 3 bedrooms, each more spacious than the other. One of the bedrooms has its own en-suite bathroom and balcony. Thanks to the open-plan kitchen, wonderful sunsets accompany the wonderful sea and nature views from your living room and kitchen. The tree-shaped bookcase and shelf in the study add a different atmosphere to its ambiance. If you wish, you can combine the living room with the study room and enlarge your sitting area even more. The heating system and internet system in each room add comfort to the comfort of the house. In addition, the most beautiful feature of the apartment is that it has a clear view of the sea and the city. Raise your living standards to the highest level with this place that offers more than an apartment. With this centrally located place, only 25 minutes to the world famous Ölüdeniz beach. You can also reach Thanks to the stop opposite your house, almost everywhere is just a vehicle away. With this place, which is only within walking distance of the shopping mall, bazaar and all social facilities, you will reach everything you want in a very short and very easy step.


Close to the market, basketball court and park located outside, a great area is created for your children. In addition to the place where you will witness the wonderful sea view from the balconies of your house, we are bringing you together with a wonderful apartment where you can witness the sunrise and sunset in a wonderful way when you go out.

Most Beautiful Fethiye​ Location

Located in Taşyaka as a location, this place is only within walking distance of all social facilities. In this place where you can see the sea and the city with all its clarity, everything has been thought out to the smallest detail for you. In this place, which is one of the most developed areas of site culture in Fethiye, a wonderful living space and a powerful investment tool have been developed. Your house, located in a decent site, is located at the end of the road, in a wonderful area where you can go to Ölüdeniz and the bazaar with a single vehicle. With this place, which is within walking distance of the shopping mall, hospital and all social facilities, you can plan both a very strong investment and a wonderful living space. Thanks to the constantly developing Taşyaka location, there is no social facility that is not close to you. At the same time, this place, which has a great location for your children, is very close to schools, hospitals and playgrounds.

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