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  • Property Type : Rental
  • Number of rooms : 4
  • m² (Gross) : 163
Muğla Fethiye / Yesil Uzumlu


It was designed as a luxury twin villa with modern stone architecture in Üzümlü, where the most beautiful shades of green are located, one of the popular locations. It has 4 large bedrooms, one more large than the other, a private garden and an area where you can build a pool if you wish. With its large rooms and popular location, it is possible to create a wonderful living space for you and your loved ones.


There is an open plan kitchen and living room on the ground floor. This place is very spacious and has a nature view. Thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glasses, it is perfectly designed both visually and in terms of receiving the sunlight at the most beautiful angles. In this area, there is a large room and a common WC+bathroom.


On the 2nd floor, there are 3 large bedrooms with excellent design. One of the rooms has an en-suite bathroom and a balcony. You can watch the lush green scenery of Üzümlü from here. In each room, importance was given to the length and visuality of the mirrors. This makes the rooms spacious and stylish. In this area, there is one common use WC+bathroom.


There is a large garden outside. If you want, you can build a 3X5 pool in the area where the garden landscape is important.


Uzumlu is a village up in the mountains. It's about 20 minutes drive down to Calis Beach and about 35 minutes to Fethiye. It's very peaceful and quiet but you can find some bars and restaurants nearby. There is a big expat community in Uzumlu with lots of new property being built. It is also a few degrees cooler in the summer as it's in the mountains. Uzumlu is a very traditional village town sitting 15km away from the town of Fethiye. The village is absolutely stunning with the backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and never ending countryside.
Uzumlu property prices are much lower here due to being in a much more rural location and away from the livelier tourist resorts. British expats choose Uzumlu as a place for retirement due to the laid back nature of live here.
In the winter visitors come to ski or snowboard on the snow topped mountains.

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